We are very pleased with all provided entertainment. At first, I couldn’t believe that one can try the four wheeler for only 5 Lt, but later my wife and I had a long ride to Traku Voke by four wheeler. Both loved it. We definitely recommend it! Especially, if you have never tried it.

Vidas and Jolanta

Winter Safari on snowmobile

Spend dark and gloomy winter evenings in nature purposefully and with extreme! We offer you trying powerful and fast snowmobiles, fly faster than the wind through snow-covered fields, forest trails and lakes. You will be visiting interesting places and mounds.

Adrenaline and unforgettable impressions will last for a long time!


Safari is organized in Trakai district in Aukštadvaris neighborhood on weekdays and weekends at your convenience.


Winter safari can be concluded by the fire, cooking meat (self-prepared) and discussing adventures.

Grill, fry stakes and firewood are free of charge.


 1 person crew  Crew of 2 persons
 Safari duration of  0.5 - 1 hour  0.5 - 1 hour
 Length  9 km  9 km
 Safari price is  55€  75€


  1 person crew Crew of 2 persons
Safari duration of 2 - 4 hour 2 - 4 hour
Length 36 km 36 km 
Safari price is 160€  220€ 


Price includes: instruction, training, snowmobile rental, fuel, safari guide service.

A deposit of 150€ should be paid.

Minimum safari crews are 3 units.

Maximum number of the crews are 7 units.